6 programs that you need to install before using Windows properly

This is my list of 6 programs that you must have before using Windows so that it can and hence your user experience to a much greater level. In this list I’m going to show only those programs which are useful to me and will also be useful to you rather than writing some crap.

1. Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a really nice tool for creating, editing and opening Excel sheets with ease. Microsoft Excel provides you with facilities for adding all the numbers, removing duplicates, using formulas and adding various types of formulations to the cells and rows. It comes both as a standalone program as well is a part of the whole Microsoft Office suite. If you want to do office work or are engaged in some data processing work, then this is a must have.Full version of Microsoft excel 2013 with crack is also available for free download on various websites.

2. Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint is great for creating awesome slideshows for office and home works. It provides all the facilities of creating very good quality slides and presentations with thousands of tools and options. You can also add your own graphics and audio to make it even better. Even in the basic addition a small number of slides are already added for you to get started.

3. Microsoft Word

Word is a very professional and the best text editing software out there. With Microsoft Word, you can edit documents in real time with various options and tools. You can even create PDF files with it. In the new 2013 version what provides you with the facility of opening various files in no time. The new looking start-up screen is also a really good feature inside the new word.

4. notepad plus plus

Basic Notepad that comes with Windows is quite “basic”. You need to have a good tool that can handle large files and is helpful in programming. Notepad plus plus does these tasks very easily. It is also free and is updated from time to time. Notepad plus plus also has many features and editing plug-ins. It understands languages like no other notepad does. It also auto inserts remaining bracket after you type in the first one.

5. Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is more the most brilliant browser out there. I like it really, and it has the most amount of plug-ins that you can find anywhere for any browser. It is quite slow sometimes, but Mozilla has improved quite a lot from the past experiences. Editing and web designing are quite easy in Firefox, and you can make your own add-ons for it too.

6. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most used browser because it is from the market leader in search engine which is Google. Chrome is fast because it uses the Chromium platform and can be used to open many pages at the same time. It also has add-ons from Google play store that you could use to enhance the capability of Chrome.

So that was my list of programs ! If you have any programs that you have not found listed here or want to add something else, you can surely write a comment below or contact us via our contact us page.


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